G R A P H I C  D E S I G N  &  B R A N D  S T Y L I N G

Design Feather provides a high-quality graphic design & brand styling service. We are helpful, thoughtful & friendly. We love to listen to your story & more importantly we style your brand for success! We design upmarket websites that shine, we design logos that stand out from the crowd, brochures that turn heads and we provide stunning art direction. We also deliver affordable creative graphic design in all forms.


We have a unique ability to understand your companies’ brand objectives. We genuinely care about our clients and are skilled communicators whether its face to face, on the phone, or via email. We just love to help small and large businesses become the best that they can be!

B R A N D  S T Y L I N G

Design Feather has a passion for peoples stories….your story….we style your story for success! We are obsessed with knowing your WHY and want to know your businesses core values. We thoughtfully build a mood board to help bring out the ultimate vision for your brand. The mood board brings excitement and new life to your brand with textures, words, images & photographic creative styling. We always ensure we carefully select specific fonts, handpick Pantone colours and choose tactile patterns & textures. All of these exclusive characteristics work together to excite existing customers and attract & inspire new ones.

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W E B S I T E  D E S I G N 

Whether you are a small start-up or large corporate company your website  is the front door to your company. Design Feather builds compelling, engaging, smooth & responsive websites that are easy to navigate. By portraying quality, professionalism and trust whilst enticing enquiries and further more sales.

G R A P H I C  D E S I G N

Design Feather designs brochures that turn heads, leaflets that shine, business cards, packaging, and all physical forms of print. We love to bring to life the digital design into a tangible print product that you can touch and show off with confidence. We ensure your brand is represented perfectly in a three-dimensional form closely considering stock and print design to ensure they both work hand in hand. Your brand does not stop with just a logo.


B R A N D  S T Y L I N G  P R O C E S S

Working on branding is not just designing a logo it is what makes your companies heart beat in leaves a mark on the hearts of others.


Design Feather is the ultimate art director, designing logos, creating stand out colour schemes, font selection and branding guides. 

Design Feather has worked with travel companies, small local cafe's, beauty salons, online party supplies business, tech services and freelance photographers to help create the right brand identity for their business.

The right brand identity has power. It helps to create a loyal following and elevates your business. 

Short Survey

Brand Mantra

Mood Board

Art Direction

Colour Selection

Font Selection

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Logo design

Brand Guidelines

Final Moodboard

Brand Voice

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Website Design


Business Cards

Store Signage

Digital Design Elements

Anything Else Just Ask

A R T  D I R E C T I O N

T H E  B R A N D

C O M P A N Y: Cheese Emporium

S P E C I A L T Y: Online Cheese Hamper Deliveries

G R A P H I C  D E S I G N E R: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

M O O D : Designer Cheese, High End, Dark Homestead, Natural, Home Made. 

S E R V I C E: Logo Design, Art Direction, Website Design.

H O W  D O  Y O U  S E E  Y O U R  B R A N D: Natural, farm fresh highest quality cheese, unique, incomparable, homely, highend, farmers market, passionate about cheese, experts in cheese, inviting, farm to table, warm and welcoming.

W H O  I S  Y O U R  C U S T O M E R: The person who has everything, a connoisseur of fine wine and cheeses, person hard to buy for, passionate about natural unprocessed quality farm fresh foods, farmers market frequenter.

W H A T  P E R S O N A L I T Y  D O E S  Y O U R  C U S T O M E R  H A V E: Is intelligent, thoughtful, kind and generous. They have a love of nature & the outdoors and the country air. They are affluent and an entrepreneur in their own right and appreciate the unique and unusual. They love to explore and find new things to boast about.

C O N T A C T  D E S I G N  F E A T H E R 

M: +61438 070 021

E M A I L: contactus@designfeather.com.au

ABN 87 304 906 609

Sydney NSW Australia

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