B R A N D  S T Y L I N G

Design Feather believes in beautiful branding, that conveys an emotion, action and reaction through, colour, photography and typography. It is important to illustrate your character through your brand as it builds your customers trust and also shapes a better understanding of who you are as a company. Making others "think and feel" is what drives our desire to generate a distinct message by creative approach. My background in National Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design & my passion for Interior Decorating all these ingredients have created the perfect recipe for Brand Styling. 



SPECIALTY: Established Hair Salon

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

MOOD: Morocco, desert, cool, established, timeless traditions.


HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR BRAND: Fun but calm, relaxed, cool, established, casual & modern

WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER: Our customers are loyal, the trust our years of experience in hair styling, mainly female and of all age groups, which is what we encourage.

WHAT PERSONALITY DOES YOUR CUSTOMER HAVE: Busy, relaxed, quirky and not your average person. Well travelled with just a bit of dust still in the veins from previous adventures.



SPECIALTY: Skin & Beauty Clinic, established for over 15 years.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

MOOD: Warm, welcoming, personal, elegant, soothing, contemporary and a touch of luxury.

Beauty Shop_Moodboard_clean.png

HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR BRAND: Warm & welcoming, personalised service, floral, fragrant, professional & trusted

WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER: The person who is well-groomed and likes to take care of their image, they are a returning and loyal customer, who ensures their presence is at all times maintained, young & middle-aged women mostly.

WHAT PERSONALITY DOES YOUR CUSTOMER HAVE: She is independent, strong, willful, caring and appreciates natural beauty with a little assistance. She is calm and relaxed and well educated.



COMPANY: Carol Humber Photography

SPECIALTY: Photographer

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

MOOD: Luxurious, whimsical, elegant, curvy, beautiful photography. Artistic, graceful, boudoir, heirloom portraits. Treasured, glamourous, contemporary photoshoots.

Carol Humber Mood Board copy.jpg

HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR BRAND: I provide a luxury product that people are investing time and money in. Whilst it is posed, it is still you. After our photoshoot customers will have a solid product in their hands... and hopefully a good memory and feeling about yourself. I want to concentrate on women (of all ages).  

WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER: Someone who would like to have timeless photos taken to be kept as an heirloom. Customers include wedding couples, dancers & models.

WHAT PERSONALITY DOES YOUR CUSTOMER HAVE: Boudoir, whimsical, regal, elegant, artistic, luxury, graceful and curvy.



COMPANY: Cheese Emporium

SPECIALTY: Online Cheese Hamper Deliveries

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

MOOD: Designer Cheese, High End, Dark Homestead, Natural, Home Made.

HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR BRAND: Natural, farm-fresh highest quality cheese, unique, incomparable, homely, high end, farmers market, passionate about cheese, experts in cheese, inviting, farm to table, warm and welcoming.

WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER: The person who has everything, a connoisseur of fine wine and cheeses, person hard to buy for, passionate about natural unprocessed quality farm-fresh foods, farmers market frequenter.

WHAT PERSONALITY DOES YOUR CUSTOMER HAVE: Is intelligent, thoughtful, kind and generous. They have a love of nature & the outdoors and the country air. They are affluent and an entrepreneur in their own right and appreciate the unique and unusual. They love to explore and find new things and boast about their new findings.