I am a freelance Graphic Designer, living the absolute dream in the world of design.

I have a background in Visual Merchandising & Homewares Styling and have worked for some of the largest & most reputable Australian retailers over the past 20 years. Being a creative addict I went on to study Graphic Design & then started the business Design Feather, as a freelance graphic designer. With my involvement with these strong Australian retail brands, I have developed a unique understanding of the importance of a strong brand identity. And seeing first hand their incredible success, this has built a passion within me to assist small & large business to be the best they can be.

I am an extremely friendly, calm & creative individual. I love to listen to other people's stories, to find out their WHY and what drives them. Whether it be in business for my clients or for the company I work for, I thrive knowing what drives them forward. Click on the links above to view my work AND Thanks for visiting :)

Jo Smith is a Freelance Graphic Designer Sydney


I am very passionate about what I do for my clients.

I design quality upmarket websites that shine, provide logo design that stands out from the crowd, and brochures that turn heads. I connect your values together with my creative insight and deliver affordable graphic design in all forms. I genuinely care about my clients and am a skilled communicator whether it face to face, on the phone or via email. ​I just love to help small and large businesses become the best that they can be through my graphic design skills. 


I believe in beautiful branding, that conveys an emotion, action and reaction, through colour, photography and typography. 

It is important to illustrate your character through your brand as it builds your customers' trust and also shapes a better understanding of who you are as a company. Making others "think and feel" is what drives my desire to generate a distinct message by creative approach.


You know your business and what you do like the back of your hand, you do it well and your customers come to you for a reason.

I need to find out all about you that thing that you do so naturally. By spending time consulting with you I find out your WHY and your values. Once we have established your businesses characteristics, I help you build a brand ethos.

I connect the two, then create and present you with a vision board, to help interpret a creative tone before it can become a tangible design. The vision board helps to get a feel for the right colours, fonts and style accentuating your businesses best qualities.

If this sounds like what your are looking for in a freelance graphic designer Sydney, I invite you to contact me via the mobile or email details below.