G R A P H I C  & P R I N T  D E S I G N E R

Print design is something wonderful, bringing to life beautiful design into a tangible product.

I design quality brochures, labels, menus, signage and so much more. It is not only just about the printed images and content, it is so very important to also carefully consider the stock bringing substance to any brand. Below is a small selection of my work in brochure design, packaging design and rebranding and the use of logo on menus and coasters.

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This 36 page downloadable cake recipe book was incredibly hard to design without wanting to go and eat an entire cake to myself. The hamper company Snowgoose posted on Facebook over the years numerous cake recipes and those recipes most liked were put into a downloadable recipe book on their site. The idea was to cross-promoted the Snowgoose gift hamper brand on every 2nd page along with incredibly delicious cake recipes. Above I have featured a few pages of the brochure. Photoshoot styling was also done by Jo Smith @ Design Feather on images that include fruit, chocolate and cheese. 

lavazza logo to live trace (1).jpg
CoffeeBean Packaging.jpg
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This fun packaging assignment started with the logo design and then designing the packaging to interpret a quality trusted coffee brand. The logo design was based on that trusted premium quality stamp feel and by using natural brown paper bag it gives you a feeling of handmade, authentic and genuine.

Menu & Coasters copy (1).jpg

This was an amazing assignment given to me to fictitiously rebrand a pub, hotel or cafe of our choice. The inspiration behind this rebranding and redesign of the logo was drawn from the architecture of the building and the heritage-listed area in Sydney's CBD, The Rocks. 

The basis of the Lord Nelson logo design was to bring a breath of fresh air with a contemporary feel by utilising the colour teal.

The reason for the outline drawing of the building was to accentuate its architectural shape heritage. The hand-drawn like image promotes an authentic look & feel to the brand. Keeping the hand-drawn theme across the symbols also gives it a vintage feel. The faint background brick wall is in keeping with the cobblestone roads and sandstone walls of the Rocks area. The script font used in the name for LORD NELSON is 'signature like' also provoking a genuine and personalised character to the logo. The Lord Nelson is a brand name within itself.

P O C K E T  T R A I N   T I M E T A B L E

This timetable was designed to be a stimulating interpretation of a coach and train timetable for the Country link train & Coach line on the NSW North Coast. The blend of information and influence of International 1950's Switzerland typographic style creates an interesting take-home A4 fold out pocket brochure.

Bus time table Front Cover copy.jpg
Flat out bus timetable copy (2).jpg
Left corner bus timetable copy_edited.jp
Right corner bus timetable (2).jpg
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Talent Development Project Program Guide
2016 TDP Graduation Program (1).png

For over 3 years running, I have had the privilege of working closely with the Talent Development Project to help design poster banners, web pages, banner ads, flyers, sponsorship reports and Graduation Program Guides which featured the Graduating performers and their biographies. Working the beautiful photography and the youth market, helped create a funky 28 page brochure.