G R A P H I C  D E S I G N

Graphic Design can consist of poster design, design for art's sake, logo design for business, design for a purpose or statement or how we interpret our lateral thoughts through colours, shapes or illustration. Design Feather has designed magazine cover artwork, logos for business, packaging for product, EDM's for marketing campaigns, website portfolios and brochures for events. The world is your oyster and there is no part of graphic design that Design Feather cannot tackle. I connect your values together with our creative insight and deliver affordable graphic design in all forms. We genuinely care about our clients and are skilled communicators whether its face to face, on the phone or via email. ​ 


COMPANY: Lord Nelson Hotel

SPECIALTY: Food, Beverage, Accommodation

MOOD: Old Colonial Historic Pub



This was an amazing assignment given to me to fictitiously rebrand a pub, hotel or cafe of our choice. The inspiration behind this rebranding and redesign of the logo was drawn from the architecture of the building and the heritage-listed area in Sydney's CBD, The Rocks. 

The basis of the Lord Nelson logo design was to bring a breath of fresh air with a contemporary feel by utilising the colour teal.

The reason for the outline drawing of the building was to accentuate its architectural shape heritage. The hand-drawn like image promotes an authentic look & feel to the brand. Keeping the hand-drawn theme across the symbols also gives it a vintage feel. The faint background brick wall is in keeping with the cobblestone roads and sandstone walls of the Rocks area. The script font used in the name for LORD NELSON is 'signature like' also provoking a genuine and personalised character to the logo. The Lord Nelson is a brand name within itself.

Menu & Coasters copy (1).jpg
lavazza logo to live trace (1).jpg
CoffeeBean Packaging.jpg

L A V A Z Z A 


COMPANY: Lavazza

SPECIALTY: Ground Coffee 

GRAPHIC  DESIGNER: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

MOOD: Quality, trusted, authentic.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 11.45.14
Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 11.44.55
Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 11.45.27

This fun packaging assignment started with the logo design and then designing the packaging to interpret a quality trusted coffee brand. The logo design was based on that trusted premium quality stamp feel and by using natural brown paper bag it gives you a feeling of handmade, authentic and trustworthy.



Me Myself and I poster was designed to illustrate ME, it came about whilst documenting statistics on my daily activities and drawing on why I do the things I do. Colour, shapes, patterns and design play a huge part in my life no matter what I undertake. Colour has been a huge inspiration behind decorating in my home, painting and drawings over time. I discovered that I have a sensory union between colour, words, shapes and numbers. This unusual sensory union is known as “Synthesisia” a crossing over of 2 cognitive sensory pathways.

Awareness of synesthetic perceptions varies from person to person in my case letters, numbers and shapes appear inherently as colours in my visual mind. For example I see days of the week as colours. Monday is red, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is orange, Thursday is yellow, Friday is green, Saturday is blue and Sunday is black. I started to see emotion in everything I do. I have inherited experiences , as we all do, and have interpreted these experiences with colours in my graphic poster. I have discovered that I have always been attracted to bright and primary colours whether it be in paintings, decorating pieces in my home or in attraction to most things that stimulate me in activities. The use of Pantone colour swatches was used also as a graph to show the measurement in time spent on each activity over a 2 week period. 

Poster Art 1
Poster Art 2
Poster Art 3



COMPANY: Snowgoose Gift Hampers

SPECIALTY: Gourmet Fruit Hampers

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jo Smith @ Design Feather.

MOOD: Luscious Cakes, artisanal products & farm fresh

32 & 33.png
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7 & 8.png
14 & 15.png
16 & 17.png
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This 36-page downloadable cake recipe book was incredibly hard to design without wanting to go and eat an entire cake to myself. The hamper company Snowgoose posted on Facebook over the years numerous cake recipes and those recipes most liked were put into a downloadable recipe book on their site. The idea was to cross-promoted the Snowgoose gift hamper brand on every 2nd page along with incredibly delicious cake recipes. Above I have featured a few pages of the brochure. Photoshoot styling was also done by Jo Smith @ Design Feather on images that include fruit, chocolate and cheese. Cake images care of the provider of recipes.